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► 20 + years of On-the-job DOT experience 

Who are we? We are trucking experts with a passion for safety! 

Utilizing our experience and specialized training in all aspects of the trucking industry from driving and supervision to management and inspection, including court litigation support as noted expert witnesses.

Safety & Compliance Consultants is a full-service DOT consulting firm that offers a wide variety of services to trucking fleets of all types and sizes. Built on the expertise of former truckers, inspectors and regulators, we exist to provide accurate, affordable safety and compliance solutions to the trucking industry.

We are DOT/FMCSR safety and compliance expert. We offer FMCSR Audit & Mock-Audit Services. We can perform a DOT simulated audit for your company.

Our technical knowledge and in-the-trenches experience is what sets us apart. We’ve worked both sides of the trucking industry with extensive knowledge in government regulations and command a thorough understanding of the system. It’s why attorneys call on us as expert witnesses and it’s why clients trust us.

With us, you get a team of hard-working professionals with the necessary experience to get the job done well. Give us a call to get started. We look forward to supporting your company with quality resources for all your needs. 

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